Try the future on for size

Welcome to the first-ever posting to my blog, the Visual Congruence Creativity Zone. I chose this name because I hope this little corner of the Web will evolve into a preferred venue for meetings of minds. I am a profound believer in the power of human creativity and artistic potential. I also believe that communication, when fueled by the full force of creativity, can marry excitement with education. And I am an avid proponent of the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." I'd have to believe this -- I make my living by creating maps that make people act. Please visit Visual Congruence (www.visualcongruence.com) to see more.

I should apologize in advance for rough edges as I start to lay the foundation for this little community. As I write this, I have the book Blog Marketing (by Jeremy Wright) open next to me, for both inspiration and instruction. I've read about 1/3 of it, and it inspired me to take this first plunge -- how's that for an endorsement? I share this with you as my subtle way of asking for your patience. This blog may look different from time to time, as I try new things. I may post several times in one day, and may then wait a week or more before posting, depending on my schedule and on how quickly and completely ideas evolve.

Thanks for visiting. Please don't be a stranger. I love sharing ideas with people, and will do my best to respond to questions asked and opinions shared. Recently, I read a line that stuck with me, although I cannot remember the source -- it said, "Step into the future and try it on for size." This is what I hope we will accomplish here...will you join me?


At 12:57 AM, Blogger Graeme Watson said...

Welcome to the blogging world Brian, long may you post.


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